Are you looking for a creative business that you can run from home?  A business with low overhead and very little investment?   Then make and sell DIY products.  All you need is an inkjet printer (which costs less than $100), a few simple tools, DIY crystal and acrylic blanks and DIY print film.

A DIY.graphics home business is perfect for artists, homemakers, stay-at-home parents, and anyone with an existing business who wants to make more money. 

If you are a wedding and event photographer, florist, or retailer, you can expand your business by offering DIY products. We won't charge you sales tax if you have a valid resale tax certificate.


How do I make money?

It's easy!  Buy blanks, print film and supplies from us at low wholesale prices, then resell at a profit.   Here are a few ideas:


Sell DIY name badges to church and religious groups, networking organizations, restaurants, retailers, schools, hospitals and other companies that deal with the general public.  DIY name badges also make great ID/security badges for any and all businesses.


Turn wedding, birthday, and anniversary invitations and photographs into stunning crystal keepsakes for parents, grandparents, and bridal party members.  Partner with wedding and event photographers to make crystals after the ceremonies to deliver in time for the banquet!


Put original artwork or photography onto DIY products (magnets and coasters do especially well) and sell them to the general public.  Take special orders while you're out there, too!


DIY products make great souvenirs.  Arrange with local museums, parks, zoos and historical sites to put pictures of their attractions on crystals and magnets for them to sell in their gift shops.


DIY awards are the same professional products sold at gift and trophy shops.  Large organizations -- like real estate offices, corporations, and hospitals -- buy them to honor and motivate their employees.  Schools also buy them as fundraisers and to reward sports and academic achievements.


How do I make the products?

It's easy!  Using your inkjet printer, you print a photo or graphic on special DIY print film.  The film is specially formulated for rich ink coverage and high resolution.

Next, apply the self-adhesive blanks to the film.  You peel the liner off the adhesive, then position and easily apply to the print without any air bubbles, creases or flaws.  Burnish the film, then trim the excess with a hobby knife.

Now is the time to add any finishing hardware -- magnets or pins for name badges, cork for coasters, hangers for ornaments, wood for plaques.

When you are done, your artwork will be displayed in brilliant, polished crystal or acrylic.  You will be impressed -- and so will your friends, family, and customers.


What kind of support is available?

We also offer product, technical, and business support through our Learning Center.  Our website also offers free art templates for use in art programs (like CorelDraw and Adobe Creative Suite) and Microsoft Word. 

You can also contact us with your questions and sales challenges, and we will put our experience -- over 40 years in the gift and trophy manufacturing business -- to work for you.


If I am reselling DIY.graphics products,  will I need to charge sales tax?

Each state has its own rules regarding the collection of sales tax. Check with your state tax department to find out what you need to do to register or file as a reseller.

As we are a California business, if your order ships outside of California you will not be charged sales tax.  If your order ships to a California address you will be charged sales tax unless you provide a valid California state resale tax certificate.

After you order, call us at 800-370-3564 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday-Friday, to arrange to send us a copy of your resale certificate.


How do I get started?

Take a tour of our website, paying special attention to our instructional videos and art and design support sections.  Then buy a few samples of our products, we have no minimum. You can start calling on customers as soon as you open the box!


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